From Paris to Food Truck


It has been a long long time. When I first started this blog I used it as a tool to escape my horrible life in Paris, and remind myself that I would one day get out of that prison. Okay, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but it really is possible to get bored in Paris, so the blog was a nice way to get me thinking (which really was the issue all along – under-stimulation).

So what has happened since then? Basically, I came home in September and was depressed for the following six months. Blogging or writing anything for that matter took a backseat. BUT, after much hard work, exercise, cooking, healthy-eating habits, vitamins and crying, I have finally come to terms that Calgary is my home, at least for now, and that I should just buck-up and make the best of it. I have even started to make crafts to pass the time while job hunting and job hunting-failing (so that being said, if you are in the market for any DIY stuff, let me know, and I will make something for you).

So to fast-forward a bit, Aman and I have since started a food truck, of which I am particularly excited, and also of which I am in charge of the “social responsibility” initiatives that the business will put forth. This includes making the truck as green as possible (including a few surprises that I have to keep quiet about until we open), picking local charities that we will support every month, and basically trying to set the standard for responsible business in the City of Calgary.

Anyway, the name of the truck is The Naaco Truck, which is basically what happens when naan bread takes the form of a taco, and trust me when I say, it will be delicious. You will never have Indian food like this in your life!

Check us out on Twitter (@TheNaacoTruck) and Facebook (The Naaco Truck) and tell everyone you know!